Technical equipment for interpretation

If you need to organize an event, conference, seminar, video conference, visit facilities, etc. we can advise you so you can organize it appropriately.

On numerous occasions we have previously visited facilities with a sound technician to adequately plan for the distribution of the cabins and public address system.

Interpreters:   Each cabin needs two interpreters, if the duration of the event is over two hours.

Cabins and events hall: The conditions of the room where the meeting is to be held must be taken into account, whether there is public address system, how the tables set out, whether wireless table or lapel microphones are needed, if there is sufficient space for the cabins, etc. You will need as many booths as languages that are going to be translated. If there is not enough space for the cabins in the hall, this is not a problem; we have other solutions.

Installation of simultaneous interpretation equipment: One or two hours before and after the event are usually needed to install and remove the equipment, it is important to keep this in mind when reserving the room.

Documentation: It is advisable that all documentation available for the event be provided beforehand, Power Point presentations of speeches, reports, glossaries of terms specific to the company, abbreviations, acronyms, names etc., so that the interpreter can prepare his/her work well.

For visits to a factory or meetings with less than 20 people, the solution is an “INFOPORT” briefcase which does not require installation, or technicians.